Fishery Map

Fishery Map ...

There are many wonderful spots to fish from at Elinor. Below is an aerial view of the lake with some of the better known spots marked and numbered to act as your personal 'Guide to Elinor'. Below the map are photographs take from each spot, so you can see in more detail what is there along with a brief description.

To print out a PDF copy of the map, please click here.

Map - Fishing Spots
5. Brookside Point
9. Coarse Bank
13. Gravel Bar
The Dam
2. The Dam
Brookside Bay
6. Brookside Bay
The Creek
10. The Creek
Goodfellow Bay
14. Goodfellow Bay
3. Overflow Corner
3. Overflow Corner
East Arm
7. East Arm
The Lagoon
11.The Lagoon
Pensioners Point
15. Pensioners Point
Brookside Bank
4. Brookside Bank
8. Pylon Point
8. Pylon Point
Shallow Bay
12. Shallow Bay
Boat Bay
16. Boat Bay
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