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Testimonials ...
We are always appreciative of letters of thanks from our Customers; here are just a few examples.

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Evening Ed,

Had a great day today and wanted to give feedback on the superb quality of the fish taken, some of them were monsters. My 2 x biggest I estimated close to 5 & 6lb (pictures attached) and took a number over 2.5lb!

I ended up with 31 fish in the end, all swimming back strongly. Incredible day. Look forward to coming back

Many Thanks.
Lea Tones

Just wanted to say thanks for a fantastic day on Friday - I had over 40 fish on dries, "damp" hoppers and crunchers - some clonking fish to 5lbs, including a lovely 4 pound brownie that went back ok, and four other fish well over 4lbs.

Young Mr Lane way back in second on 25 - don't know what he was playing at ;0)  Elinor as good as I can remember - lots of cracking fish feeding hard and high in the water - I'll be driving straight past Grafham again very soon!

All the best & btw, well done on your win in the Anglian - you kept that quiet!!

Very best & see you very soon.

Hi Ed, Just wanted to say that the 8 fish I brought to the boat all fought like stink Sunday. They really were in excellent condition and are a credit to you.

Have fished Elinor for years, yesterday was challenging for boat anglers but compensated by the high oxygen levels and limitless energy of the trout. Fishing with 7lb leader I still managed to lose a couple! Fish were all comfortably over 2lb with three topping 3lb.

Dear Gentlemen, It was great to see you on Sat, I just wanted to contact you and say thanks for providing such great sport at my favourite fishery. A personal best for me catching a total of 31 trout, of which below was my final catch of the day.

My bag totalled approx 21lb!!! Counting down the miles from London certainly makes it worthwhile when the results are such, so look forward to seeing you again. Best wishes, Khurram.

Iain Barr - Double World Fly Fishing Champion wrote: Elinor is a prolific fishery and one of the very best small waters I have ever fished. The nymph and dry fly 'top of the water' fishing there is simply unchallenged and 30+ fish in an evening is more than possible as the lake comes alive. (as featured on Sky Sports)

Sunburst Blob is a favourite there fished slow as are damsels but for me a team of buzzers and nymphs is hard to beat especially for the residents. In the milder evenings the place comes alive and dries such as CDC shuttlecocks and Big Reds or Big Blacks in a size 14 are just lethal. One thing to remember ... don’t leave too early!

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Elinor late  in the evening ... quite 'beautiful & spectacular' ... would you not agree ...

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