February 11th -17th 2023

Elinor Weekly Fishing Report Saturday 11th – Friday 17th February 2023

187 Anglers caught 1151 fish of which 893 fish were returned.

Elinor has had a superb start to the 2023 season. On opening day, the mild weather and light winds made way for a cracking day – 47 anglers banked 536 rainbows and browns, along with some incredible overwintered fish. Bart Farmer had an incredible day on Sunday catching 42 on Brookside Point using washing line tactics.

Throughout most of the week catches from the bank have been excellent, although the bright sunshine on Wednesday gave the boats the edge as the fish moved further out in the clear water. After the initial opening day extravaganza, the fish are wising up with nymphs catching as many fish as lures, black buzzers and crunchers are both working. A few fish are rising in the calmer water, but most are at 1-3 foot and 10 yards from the bank.

Best Fish
8lb 7oz Dan Chira – Northampton
7lb 7oz Paul Gillies, Yellow Dancer
7lb 2oz Dave Rowell – Minkie
7lb Darren Oram, Red App
6lb 10oz Jude Tuffs
6lb 9oz Brian Carter
6lb 7oz Geoff B
6lb Frank Quinn (Brown) – please see photograph below
6lb Rob Weaver
6lb Tim Hodgkinson
6lb Royce Hayes – Bourne
6lb Trevor Griggs, Damsel
6lb Peter Andrews
6lb Dave Miles, Black Buzzer
6lb Aaron – Scadwell
6lb Mr Yaris – Corby
5lb 7oz Neil Groves – Oundle
5lb 4oz Mr Burton
5lb Ivor Fisher
5lb Darren Oram, Red Apps
5lb Alan Clover (Brown) – please see photograph below

Best Areas
Bank – Lagoon, Gravel Bar, Boat Bay, Dam, Brookside – Brookside Bay.
Boat – Dam, Boat Bay, Brookside Bay.

Best Patterns
White/green lures, black/green lures, pink or black snakes, damsels, red apps, red diawl bachs, bloodworms and olive or black buzzers.

Water Temp – 6 degrees
Next Stocking – Friday 24th

Dates for the Diary
Anglian Trust Team England (AT TEFF) fly fishing is holding the last qualifying heat at Elinor on 09/04/23, open to anyone who would like to try and represent England in Stillwater fly fishing – please use link for further details. https://anglingtrust.net/…/at-teff-bank-national-elinor/. Please call in advance to book a boat and you can either pay cash on the day or make a payment in advance by bank transfer to:

Account Details
Barclays Account name – B P Gifford
Account number – 30497304
Sort code – 20 27 26

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